Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sale Alert! Jack Rogers under $50!

This one has no gimmicks! Just a quick post to share an AMAZING deal!

Click the link below to get these gorgeous Coral Jacks for $43!  And bonus - they still have plenty of sizes available!

Jack Rogers Women's Nantucket Thong Sandal

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Friday, September 5, 2014

How I got a pair of Jack Rogers for FREE!

Yep! You read the title correctly. I just scored a pair of Jack Rogers and paid nothing!  Here's how:

Even if you can not get these babies for free like I did you can still get that at a GREAT price - under $25!  For some reason Amazon wants to get rid of this color - so click over here now!

I got mine for free because of two great things!

1) Cash Back rewards!  I use Discover and I get cash back on certain purchases.  Over time that adds up (very slowly for me) and I finally found a worthy enough cause to use my rewards on - Jack Rogers!  I used just under $20 of my rewards.

2) Gift cards!  Now this wasn't just some gift card I got for my birthday or Christmas - this one I earned! That's right - free money!  Click here to read my earlier post on rewards sites.  I use Swagbucks and Bing Rewards to earn points and get gift cards.  Click on either link to sign up and start earning.  The gift card I used for my Jacks was a $5 one from Bing (but I've used many from Swagbucks in the past, just happened to use Bing points this time!)

Let me know if you have questions about the rewards sites, I am happy to help!
Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

{How To} Paint Lilly Pulitzer Prints

Okay so this isn't EXACTLY a How To... You can't really teach someone to paint over the computer.  Or actually at all.  I think it just takes practice, patience, and raw talent (that's the part I'm missing...)

I may not have raw talent but  I am still happy with my first attempt at She She Shells!

What do you think?  Like I said that pure, raw talent is missing so it isn't perfect but you can still tell its She She Shells and the colors are pretty - so I am happy :)

This is the 14" wooden 'K' from Hobby Lobby.  It was only $3.25 and then it was on sale for 30% off! I am going to mod podge it this weekend and attach thick ribbon to it so it can hang on my bedroom door.  I'll post that once it happens :)

So I knew I wanted to try and paint a Lilly print on something.  After browsing the wood rows at Hobby Lobby I figured a flat letter would be the easiest and most useful.  If you want you can try a smaller letter for your first time.  But I was like, "Go big or go home!"

So I had the letter but still needed to pick a print.  I landed on She She Shells because its new from this summer, its one of my favorites, and it only has 4 colors (<--- that last one is the real real reason, I have about 50 favorite prints...)

So I googled:

And headed to JoAnn Fabrics (closer to me than going back to Hobby Lobby).  I got the paints that matched the best, kind of hard to tell when they're in the bottle though.  The paints were something like 60 cents each, super cheap!  I also picked up a few detail brushes and a 50 cent foam brush for the white background since it was such a large area.

If you are going to try this, go for a darker dark blue.  I think mine was a little too light.

All I did was look at the googled picture and free handed it.  I didn't use a pencil first or anything but feel free to try that method too!

Good luck and share your results with me on Instagram! Tag @preciousprep_ (that's preciousprep_ with an underscore at the end)