Sunday, December 15, 2013

Makeup Brush Roll Tutorial

Today I actually had time to do some crafting!  How exciting!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been working on my new blog Deals Actually!  I hope you'll check it out soon!

My tutorial today is for a super cute makeup brush roll!  This is super quick to make (30 mins?) and would make a great last minute Christmas gift for all the lovely ladies on your list!  How cute would this look in someone's stocking on Christmas morning?

So all you need to make this is some felt, fabric, and ribbon!  So easy!

First, cut felt to 8" x 9" and 4" x 9" (super easy if you are using a sheet of felt like me!)

Wow the felt looks GREEN in that pic!  I promise it does not glow in the dark! :)

Next, sew the 2 pieces together, creating the slots for your brushes.  I left a half inch on either (for the next step) and then I have a 2" slot on each end and four 1" slots in between.

Now cut out your fabric to 9" x 8" (I didn't actually measure, I just used the felt as a template!)  You'll also need a length of ribbon.  Exactly how long?  Whatever your gut tells you ;)

Next place the fabric and the felt right sides together (the side with the slots is the right side of the felt).  Make sure you fold the ribbon in half and place the separate ends inside your fabric sandwich, leave about an inch of the loop end sticking out.  You'll want to position the ribbon parallel to the top of the slots.

Sew around the edges (make sure you only catch the ribbon on ONE side!) leaving an opening for turning near the middle bottom.  Trim away any excess and clip the corners.  Turn and top stitch the opening.  You should have something like this:

Now how quick and easy was that?!  Felt is my new best friend!  It eliminates the need for interfacing and batting, its basically the best thing ever.  And the edges never fray!  Oh so amazing! 

Fill her up with your brushes:

Roll and go!

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Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
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