Thursday, August 28, 2014

{How To} Paint Lilly Pulitzer Prints

Okay so this isn't EXACTLY a How To... You can't really teach someone to paint over the computer.  Or actually at all.  I think it just takes practice, patience, and raw talent (that's the part I'm missing...)

I may not have raw talent but  I am still happy with my first attempt at She She Shells!

What do you think?  Like I said that pure, raw talent is missing so it isn't perfect but you can still tell its She She Shells and the colors are pretty - so I am happy :)

This is the 14" wooden 'K' from Hobby Lobby.  It was only $3.25 and then it was on sale for 30% off! I am going to mod podge it this weekend and attach thick ribbon to it so it can hang on my bedroom door.  I'll post that once it happens :)

So I knew I wanted to try and paint a Lilly print on something.  After browsing the wood rows at Hobby Lobby I figured a flat letter would be the easiest and most useful.  If you want you can try a smaller letter for your first time.  But I was like, "Go big or go home!"

So I had the letter but still needed to pick a print.  I landed on She She Shells because its new from this summer, its one of my favorites, and it only has 4 colors (<--- that last one is the real real reason, I have about 50 favorite prints...)

So I googled:

And headed to JoAnn Fabrics (closer to me than going back to Hobby Lobby).  I got the paints that matched the best, kind of hard to tell when they're in the bottle though.  The paints were something like 60 cents each, super cheap!  I also picked up a few detail brushes and a 50 cent foam brush for the white background since it was such a large area.

If you are going to try this, go for a darker dark blue.  I think mine was a little too light.

All I did was look at the googled picture and free handed it.  I didn't use a pencil first or anything but feel free to try that method too!

Good luck and share your results with me on Instagram! Tag @preciousprep_ (that's preciousprep_ with an underscore at the end)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers DIY Free Printable

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I've fallen in love! With Lilly Pulitzer!  That's right - ever since my first After Party Sale (ok and maybe before) I have been full on ADDICTED!  The prints are just so pretty and the clothes are gorgeous and I want them all - yep every single thing!

Since it is back to school time I need to get some (more) Lilly in my backpack! I bought my first Lilly agenda:

Made myself a matching pencil case (slash makeup bag!) Get yours here!:

And got this iPad case for $14!!!!:

My matching iPhone case from the APS is on its way :)

So my notebooks need a little jazzing up if they're going to fit in!

Using Microsoft Powerpoint and images of Lilly prints found on Google, Pinterest, etc. I made these beauties:

And now my backpack is complete :)  And it is one happy little Lilly filled backpack at that!

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You can download the pictures below, then open them in Powerpoint and insert a text box in the white space.  You will be able to add your own text in your favorite font and color! 

Share your beautiful binders with me on Instagram using #preciousprep and tagging @preciousprep_ in your photos!  If you don't have Instagram then at least let me know you downloaded them in the comments below!  I love to talk to my readers!

Thank for reading! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simple College Packing List

Its that time of year again!  Back to school!

Love it or hate it - it is almost here and for those of you heading to college (first time or otherwise) you gotta get packin'!

Since I need to start packing myself I decided to make a simple list and share it!

This list is more of a starting point than an all-inclusive list.  Sometimes those super long lists can be too overwhelming!  This one is a great place to get yourself started and I'm sure you'll think of more as you go.  If I left out anything major leave me a note in the comments and I'll add it!

Of course I had to make it pretty :) Have to make packing fun in any way you can!

I'm fairly seasoned in this whole packing for college/going to college deal so PLEASE ask me questions in the comments if you're feeling unsure of anything!

Click here for some decor ideas to get you started.
Click here for the BEST binder covers!
Click here for customized keychains, makeup bags, pencil pouches, and totes!

Happy Packing!