Wednesday, October 2, 2013


No I'm not in a sorority, I'm on a dance team!  And we have bigs and littles.  This is my first time as a big and it is very fun!  I LOVE making things for people and giving it to them!  It is so much better than getting a gift to me.

I made several gifts as well as bought a few, but I am just going to cover the ones I made on here.
So I didn't intend to necessarily write a post about this so don't hold my pictures against me :)

This was the first gift they received (the dance group is called Extreme, fyi). I picked the colors based on what my littles said their favorite colors were.

These were the gift bags that I had for them, I got them from Michael's! Super cute colors and patterns.

These are their final gifts! Each one will get a shirt and hanging plaque.  I rolled up the shirts so that they would be a surprise and tied 'em up with pretty bows.  Note how the colors of the letters match the chevron frames :)

Here is another picture of the plaques. These were really fun, easy, and cheap to make!  I got the plaques ($0.97 ea), letters ($1.77 ea), and ribbon ($1) from Walmart.  I painted them and Mod Podged a piece of scrapbook paper on, then hot glued ribbon for a hanger.  I added the bow as a last minute decision and I'm so happy I did!  What do you think?

Here are some really bad pics of the shirts I made!  The pics don't do them justice, I tell you!  I embroidered the white letters onto the black fabric and then sewed the squares on using a zig-zag stitch.

For the front I embroidered their initials onto the same black fabric and created a pocket!  They turned out so cute I think!

What have you made for your littles?