Monday, January 27, 2014

Link Parties

So in my effort to expand the reach of my blog posts I am trying out these link parties.  I guess they happen every week and its a way for bloggers to help each other out.  Here are links to the two I've joined today (that's part of it... you link on their site, they link on yours!)

You can find a ton of these parties here.  They are sorted by day so these are both Monday parties.  I'm still learning so if you have any hints or tips for me I would love to hear them!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not-So-Extreme Coupon Organizer

Today's tutorial is for a simple coupon organizer.  I have made several of these for my mom in the past and she loves using hers so much I have to keep making her new ones!  I also made one for myself this time since I have been getting into using coupons more and more.  You can buy one of those accordion coupon holders pretty much anywhere but... who has the space for that?!  Those things are bigger than my purse!  So here is my solution!

First gather your supplies:
Card stock (I use plain for the main folder and then had a second sheet for decorating)
Paper cutter (optional, you could just use the scissors :)

Draw a tick mark every 3 and 3.5 inches on the plain card stock.  The 3 inch mark is for the height of each section, and the extra half inch is to leave room for the tabs.

I got 3 sections out of one sheet and then had a scrap piece I used for the last section.  If you want to have more sections, just cut more pieces.

Next you need to cut the tabs, make sure you can see each one!  I just took the top measurement (8.5") and divided by 3 sections to determine how long to make each tab.  Adjust based on your number of sections.  Remember if you have 4 pieces you will have 3 sections, 5 makes 4 sections, and so on.

Now I like to attach each piece one by one with washi tape (or really any tape would work but washi is so pretty!).  This way you know that each section is secure and your folder won't fall apart.

That completes the structure of your folder!  You could choose to stop here and just write on the tabs OR... 

You can decorate!  I used scrapbook paper to decorate the front and each of the tabs.

That's it!  What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

Here is another one I made:

Super cute!

Check out how to put your coupons to use over on my other blog: Deals Actually

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Custom Key Chain Tutorial

To order your very own custom key chain: Click here!

To make your very own custom key chain: keep reading :)

First you need to click on over to Amazon (after you finish this post of course!) and order some 1" key fob hardware sets!  The more you order, the better the price!  I think I ordered 20 for about $12.

Next head over to Joann Fabrics or Walmart and buy some cotton or nylon webbing.  If you are price conscious, definitely check Walmart first, less than $1/yard there!  Get a lot of pretty colors :)

Now for my favorite part: ribbon!! Make sure it isn't too wide or too skinny, 1" would be the absolute maximum, and I like to go skinnier than that so I can see the webbing color.

Go Gators! (Sorry couldn't resist!) These make great gifts for your guys too!

Now onto the how to:

It really couldn't be any simpler.  
1) Cut 10" of the webbing and ribbon
2) Sew up both of the long sides
3) Fold in half and attach key fob hardware with pliers
4) Done!

Now how easy was that?  These make the absolute best gifts because they are super cute AND super useful!!

If you have an embroidery machine, you can embroider onto the ribbon before attaching it, making your key chain even more custom! 

If you DON'T have an embroidery machine but want a custom key chain, I can help!  Message me on etsy and we'll create a custom order together!

Happy Krafting! ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple Pencil Case Tutorial

Today I bring you a super simple yet super cute tutorial!  Check out the original on Sweet Verbena's site.  Learn how to make this super quick and adorable pencil case for you, your kids, your friends, really anyone headed back to school for the new semester!

You need 2 cuts of fabric for the exterior and 2 of felt for the interior.

Don't be scared away by the zipper - I didn't even use a zipper foot!  It's so easy!

Lay down the fabric right side up then the zipper face down at the top.  Lay one piece of felt lined up at the top with those two. 


Repeat on other side of the zipper.

Next sew all 4 pieces together across the bottom, right sides together. 

Now make sure to open up that zipper, at least half way.

Push the sewn bottom down so that it is laying on top of the zipper.

Sew both sides, this is how you make the pencil case flat, with the zipper in the middle.

Cut off extra fabric on the sides and bottom and turn.


See?  Told you that was easy. 

Now if you don't have your own sewing machine or time or desire to make you own, you can buy one over here, at my etsy shop Precious Prep!

Now if you want to make things exciting you can add embroidery, use 2 different fabrics, and move the zipper off center.  Let me know in the comments how you'd make it your own!

Here's a tip: If you do decide on embroidery, make sure that you do that first, so the back gets covered with the felt and looks much neater :)

Go Gators! :)

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