Thursday, January 9, 2014

Custom Key Chain Tutorial

To order your very own custom key chain: Click here!

To make your very own custom key chain: keep reading :)

First you need to click on over to Amazon (after you finish this post of course!) and order some 1" key fob hardware sets!  The more you order, the better the price!  I think I ordered 20 for about $12.

Next head over to Joann Fabrics or Walmart and buy some cotton or nylon webbing.  If you are price conscious, definitely check Walmart first, less than $1/yard there!  Get a lot of pretty colors :)

Now for my favorite part: ribbon!! Make sure it isn't too wide or too skinny, 1" would be the absolute maximum, and I like to go skinnier than that so I can see the webbing color.

Go Gators! (Sorry couldn't resist!) These make great gifts for your guys too!

Now onto the how to:

It really couldn't be any simpler.  
1) Cut 10" of the webbing and ribbon
2) Sew up both of the long sides
3) Fold in half and attach key fob hardware with pliers
4) Done!

Now how easy was that?  These make the absolute best gifts because they are super cute AND super useful!!

If you have an embroidery machine, you can embroider onto the ribbon before attaching it, making your key chain even more custom! 

If you DON'T have an embroidery machine but want a custom key chain, I can help!  Message me on etsy and we'll create a custom order together!

Happy Krafting! ;)

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