Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

Hello again,

Sorry for not posting any crafts yet... I have been really busy with school and getting ready for tomorrow's festivities!  So this isn't exactly a craft but I believe most people who enjoy crafts will enjoy this extremely simple tutorial for... The Perfect Patriotic Look!

Pictured above is my celebration outfit and my patriotic nails!  Want to re-create the look?  Here's how:

Step 1. Go to Target (or any store it seems like) and buy flag shorts!  When I first saw this trend I wasn't a fan, but one day at Target I decided to try these on and I fell in love!  What better way to show love for our country than sporting some stars and stripes?
Step 2. Get a navy blue shirt... easier said than done, believe it or not!  I searched many stores to find a simple, plain, navy blue shirt and my final attempt found me at Hollister... success!
Step 3. Buy and/or look around you house for red, white, and (I like sparkly) blue nail polish.
Step 4. Paint your thumbs blue and then alternate with red and white on the other fingers (hey, I warned you it would be extremely simple!).  If you are in a more adventurous mood you could add a star to your thumb or maybe a few stripes here and there (I have done this previously for other occasions using  some thinly cut labels, but thats a whole other tutorial!).
Step 5. Party it up!  Have a fantastic 4th! Have fun, be proud, be safe!

Until next time :)

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