Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter Art - The Craft with Many Uses

Tonight I found myself feeling a little bored and at the same time having that need to craft.  Luckily I discovered something that is easy, quick, and fun!  Letter Art!  After cleaning off my bookshelf recently I found some old books with ideas for letter art designs (you can still buy the same one I have here).  Tonight when I decided to work on a project using letter art, I remembered I needed to make a birthday card for someone whose birthday is in a few days.  This was the perfect way to get me started!  After flipping through all the ideas I settled on a flower design.  Here is my process for creating (I think) a relatively good looking card:

Step 1. Fold paper into your desired card shape, I was boring today and went with white, which turned out not to be such a bad choice since my design was busy.
Step 2. Start drawing in PENCIL!  Feeling brave and just starting with marker, pen, etc? I hope you have extra paper because chances are you'll mess up at some point.  Don't try to replicate the book too hard, you do want it to have that handmade feel a little bit.  Your own spin on things will make your card that much more personal :)
Step 3. Go over the letters (not the flowers) with marker, I chose green since to me the letters are kind of like the stems of the flowers.
Step 4. Color the flowers, I followed the color scheme used in the book today but you could easily change it up to match your style or the recipient's favorite colors.
Step 5. Write a message inside, sign your name, and you're done!  Sometimes I like to write something on the back of the card so the recipient knows it is made with love, such as: made especially for (recipient name) by (your name).

After finishing the birthday card, my need to craft was not yet satisfied, so I found the next design I wanted to try and wrote my name.  I chose the Zebra print and did my name in bubble letters, outlined in black.  Then I used purple and blue colored pencils to decorate the rest of the page.

Here are my results and a picture of the book:

I hope you can have some fun with letter art and maybe even come up with some designs of your own! This was a really simple craft that wasn't too time consuming (although it could be...) and made me feel like a kid again!  Let me know how your designs turn out!

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