Sunday, December 9, 2012

Craft Shopping Is the Best!

I love to shop! But I really love to shop for crafting supplies! It is just so much fun to look around Michael's, Jo-Ann's and the like! They really have it all at those stores! Another gem I have found in my college town is Walmart... that's right Walmart! The Walmart here has a mini craft store in the back! They have a fabric section, scrap booking supplies, paint, patterns, everything! And all at amazing prices! I have to admit that their fabric is not up to par with the quality of that at Jo-Ann's, but for $2 a yard I really can't complain! So after visiting not one, not two, but ALL three of the stores mentioned above, here is what I came home with:


My latest obsession hobby is card making. When I was just a little pre-teen crafter wanna-be I made tons of cards... they were adorable (at least according to my mom) but very simple. Now that I am a more mature crafter I am getting in to stamping, embossing, layers, etc.

So you are not going to believe this but everything above was $1 or less each! Ahhh! Amazing! Buy everything! (at least that is what was going through MY mind). If you look at the 1st picture you can also see the clear stamps that I bought too. Believe it or not Walmart had the best ink selection, I wanted more colors but had to stop myself.

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 The best deals of the day were in the adhesive family. At Target I got this pack of mounting squares for 70% off! Just $0.94! They are going to make some nice 3D effects on my cards! The next deal was actually at my campus bookstore. You never know what you might find if you look around for a while! These are like those white-out rollers except with double sided tape :O I know pretty awesome! But it gets better! They were normally $5.99 each and on clearance for $0.99! Thats 83% off! The only thing better than buying crafting supplies is buying them at highly discounted rates!

The next deals were my fabrics. Jo-Ann's had all their red-tag fabrics 50% off this weekend which means these were (starting from the left) $2, $3.50, $3.50 a yard! Gotta love great quality at a great price!

And last but not least a little chocolate treat :)

<3 Kraftie Katie

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