Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dollar Tree Storage Solutions

As promised, here is another post about my latest and greatest storage solutions.  Did I mention they are also affordable?? Here are a few ideas using items found at the dollar tree!

First up we have my Washi Tape Dispenser!

I forgot to take a before picture of the basket but it was just that, a basket (you can get the gist of it from the final product).  Below are a bunch of sticks that I think are supposed to go into a large vase or something like that but I just needed one of them to act as a dowel.  I figured a skinny dowel and the gas to get somewhere that sold one was probably more than $1 so I just bought these:

They're about 3ft long so I imagine I'll be able to find a use for the rest of them eventually :)

So I cut one of the sticks into two pieces that were the length of my basket.  Next, I put each stick through one of the holes on the end of the basket.  Then I loaded all of my washi tape onto them, making sure it would roll the right way, depending on which side I placed it.  Finally I pulled the other end of the stick through the opposite hole and hot glued a bead onto each end to prevent the sticks from falling out.  And there you have it!

Much better than a ziploc bag, no?  Here are a few more shots of it:

Now for the pill box organizer!

I wanted to get one of those trays that has a bunch of little square compartments in it, usually for make-up or tools or something.  But these are usually not very cheap so while I was at the dollar tree I found a better solution: pill boxes!
Please ignore the clothespins for now, more to come on them in the future! ;)

So these were, of course, $1 each! Can't beat it! And I liked them because each compartment is a pretty good size.  They had others available but they were too small.

I needed storage for these little 3D sticker/gem things that I have, and this fit the bill!

It is hard to tell from the picture but I was able to sort my gems; I have keys, birthday candles and hats, presents, graduation caps, bride and groom, so on and so forth.  It worked out perfectly with lucky number 7 compartments.  Now yes this was a great storage solution but, not too attractive for my craft room.  So I used my decorative duck tape to jazz things up a bit:

Not too shabby now!  Tell me your great storage ideas and check out more of mine here! :)
I really love comments!


I used the second pill box to store buttons! Again it works out perfectly and I decorated that one with pink tape! (Sorry, no pictures :/ )

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