Monday, April 21, 2014

Key Chain Wristlet Tutorial

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Today was a great day!  Wanna know why?  Because I finally got all of the supplies I needed to make these adorable Key Chain Wristlets!  I found my inspiration from Prudent Baby a while ago and loved the idea!  About a week ago I got around to ordering some sets of the hardware.  10 sets on for $4.25!  They came in the mail on Friday :)  Then today I went to Walmart to get some cotton webbing and pretty ribbon.  After finding plenty of those items and much more... I got to sewing!

So there are my first two!  I have enough supplies to make 10, so expect to see more in the near future!

Here is how you can make one for yourself!
Step 1. Get the materials: 1 set 1" key fob hardware (includes the clamp and the ring), 10 inches of colorful 1" wide cotton webbing, 10 inches of pretty ribbon (less than 1" wide)

Step 2. Sew the ribbon down the middle of the webbing.  This isn't too difficult if you use your pins and go relatively slowly, making sure you are staying in the middle the whole time.

Step 3. Fold the now beautified webbing in half (with the ribbon facing outwards) and trim the ends so they are even.

Step 4. Insert the ends into the clamp and use pliers to squeeze it shut.  Hint: Make sure your pliers are smooth or you make them smooth with duck tape so as not to damage your clamp.

Step 5. Add the key ring and that is it!  Super easy, super cute, and super useful!  
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Below are most of the supplies you need, can't get much easier right?

More Updates!  These are the some of the many combinations you can make!  Find them here on Etsy!

 See how many options there are to choose from?!?! Crazy right?
Webbing Options:

Ribbon Options:

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Have a Kraftie day!

Don't forget to check out the separate listing for Greek letter keychains too!

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