Sunday, April 13, 2014

{How To} Accessorize for Less

This post is not about crafts per-se... however through Pinterest, Instagram, and this blog I have learned that a lot of my fellow crafters are like me!  And I LOVE a good deal - hey the more money I save, the more I can spend on fabric ;)

So hopefully you will enjoy learning how to find an AMAZE-FEST USA deal on... wait for it .... EBAY!

There are SO many great things to find on eBay that are brand new - not used items.  And for cheap!  Like really cheap.  Let me explain:

So many good deals! Where to begin?!?

Ok I'll start here: So we all love Michael Kors Watches, am I right?  However we all do not love the price tag.  One of my biggest pet peeves is people not doing their research when making a purchase.  You can go to the mall or even Amazon and find a 'boyfriend' watch for around $30.  Which compared to over $200 seems like a great deal!  But!  If you just do a little looking around on the internet you'll find these (and more!) for $5.39 + free shipping.  Yes you can thank me later ;)  All links will be below the pictures.

Ok so now that I have your attention, on to the next one!  I really want to make one of these:
But they want $37 plus shipping for one of those things!  So I know not everyone can embroider their own stuff but there are embroidery shops that will embroider for you.  Anyways I am going to (try to) embroider this on my own and I got my clutch for [drumroll please] $2.99!  This was a bid item but you can search on ebay and easily find more for sale!

Here is how mine looked after embroidery:

I found this amazing shop on Etsy, and I think you all should check it out because it is a really great deal and product!  

However, being the deal-seaker that I am I had to try and find an even lower price.  I haven't gotten these items yet so I can not vouch 100% for their quality but it is a good deal :)  I got 10 tassels and the bracelet for $7 total!

Tassels - $6
Bracelet - $0.99

Now if you are like my mom, you think these are hideous... but if you are like me you think they are on trend and the perfect statement necklace.  Statement necklaces can be SO expensive!  And here these are for just $4.32!  So yes I got 2 :) haha

 Another popular statement necklace is the bubble necklace!  Get this one for just $4.25!

How cute is this bag?  It is kind of nautical which is why I LOVE it!  And for only $8.50 I REALLY love it!

Now, I'll admit, these are significantly different than the inspiration: which is the Lilly Pulitzer bow belt:

But as much as I love LP, $48 is WAY too much for a skinny little belt! In my opinion of course :)  So here is my alternative which is, although different, still extremely cute!  And how much cuter is it when you know you only paid $1.58 for it?!?!

Well holy smokes that was a long post! BUT I hope you enjoyed and that you are headed to eBay to find some deals of your own!  PLEASE share what you find!!  Tag me in your Instagram pics of deals :)

xoxo Katie

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