Sunday, February 23, 2014

How I Organize Documents for my Etsy Shop

I am SO grateful for the success I have had with my Etsy shop, Precious Prep.  While to some it may seem like nothing, to me it is amazing and I love that other people love my products and want to buy them!  So with success also comes work, and there is a lot more work than you would think!  If you are a fellow Etsy (or any business) owner you know what I am talking about!

So if you are just getting started, here is how I organize my documents!  Hope you find it helpful!

I try to keep everything in one place so I don't lose anything.  On the right side of this folder I keep the receipts from anything I buy online.  So anything from eBay or Amazon pretty much.

On the left side are the receipts from stores when I buy supplies or material in the green paper clip.  In the pink paper clip are all my receipts from the post office.  I recently started buying my shipping labels online so those will be stored in my Etsy account for my reference. 

Finally is just a fun item, I started keeping track of where I get orders from.  I just color in every state whenever I get an order.  Actually I've colored in a few more since I took this picture!  So exciting to see the map getting filled in!

I know it isn't much but I hope you all find it helpful and useful!  Please comment below if you want to see more posts about running an Etsy store!  And don't forget to check out my shop :)

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